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Top 10 Coolest Gadgets under $50


Get your life in gear with these top 10 gadgets of 2017 that won’t break the bank!

#10: Ridiculously fast & nimble JJRC Mini Drone

Drone fever is catching all the boys (and men) nowadays.

If you’re looking for extreme fun for you and your kids, without breaking the bank, you’re going to fly high with this gadget. The Nano Hexacopter is an amazing little flyer – crazy fast and very stable, it is the ultimate Mini Drone out there, and with a ridiculous price tag of $49.99 it’s also the cheapest one around.

It’s great fun for beginners and experienced drone users, the propeller guards are flexible so it won’t break so easily (but obviously try not to smash into walls too often…)

Get it at



#9: Silicone Sticky Gel Pads

These reusable nano-tech Anti-slip Sticky Gel Pads are safe to use on ALL surfaces and can stick pretty much anything to anywhere!

They are thin, yet durable which makes them great for sticking onto unusual or irregular shapes. They come in two useful shapes and can be cut to any size for your unique requirements, providing a safe holding solution for your devices.

They are waterproof and easy to clean and work like magic!

Interested? Grab yours here for less than $20 + Free shipping.



#8: 8x Optical Zoom Clip-On Telescope for Smartphones (Android or iPhone)

Now you can easily give your smartphone superpowers by turning it into a telescopic lens!

With this lens you can get 8X Zoom on any target – very useful at any sports match / concert / festival, or to take amazing nature photos.

This bad boy is suitable for all smartphones (Android & iPhone), folds up super compact and is very light weight so you can take with you anywhere.

Just get your hands on one here.



#7: Ultra Bright Aluminum Tactical Flashlight (with various accessories)

A flashlight bright enough to blind a bear!

Rechargeable & Waterproof. Go on, you know you need one…

Flashlight Features:

  • Made of high quality 6061T aluminum alloy, it’s sturdy and durable
  • Lamp base: high power LED. With a lifespan of up to 100,000 hours or more, no need to consider replacing the cap for the whole life.
  • Water resistant, but don’t put it into water
  • 5 Mode: High / Medium/ Low / Strobe/ SOS

You can choose various accessories (including bike mount, sturdy box, USB charger etc.) – all at a ridiculously low price – on this site.



#6: Senbono Smart Watch With Loads of Functions

Want to get a smart watch without breaking the bank?

Check out this stylish new timepiece from Senbono.

It simply cannot be beaten on value for money and boasts a bunch of functions of much more expensive models, such as Bluetooth, a built in camera, calendar and WhatsApp, Fackbook & Twitter compatibility.

Add to this a decent battery and stylish design and you can understand why this one is giving the big brands a run for their money.

Get it here.



#5: Ultra Thin Mobile Phone (Size and thickness of a credit card!)

Need a decent, value-for-money phone for you or your child?

Maybe you want to keep it simple, or you’re getting tired of constantly looking at your smartphone?

This tiny mobile phone is the size and thickness of a credit card so it’s perfect for anything on the go.

Top Features:

  • Ultra slim design
  • Weighs only 28 grams
  • Long standby time (3-4 days)
  • Talk Time: 3-4 hours
  • Vibration & Mute functions
  • Alarm, Calendar, Calculator

Get it here.



#4: Portable Water-Proof Shower Speaker (with suction cup)

This baby will take your sing-along shower sessions to a whole new level!


  • Easy access to Hand free Talking / Volume up / Volume down / fast forward (skip) / Backward / Pause / Play / Power buttons.
    Water resistant loud speaker and built-in mic for both outdoor and indoor use.
  • Universal compatibility with Android and iPhone tablets, smartphones, iPods, MP3, MP4 and other Bluetooth enabled digital players.
  • High definition Bluetooth 3.0 audio wireless connectivity with seamless streaming and 6 hours of playtime.
  • Handsfree Portable Speakerphone with Built-in Mic, 6hrs of playtime, Control Buttons and Dedicated Suction Cup for Showers, Bathroom, Pool, Boat, Car, Beach, & Outdoor Use

Get it here for only $25.99!



#3: Human Motion Activated Toilet Light With 8 Different Colors

Have you ever used the bathroom in the middle of the night? But when you returned to bed, you found it hard to go back to sleep? That’s because you turned on a bright light, tricking your body into thinking it’s daytime.

The solution? A night-light.

But you don’t want just any ordinary night-light. No! Night-lights are limited to where they can be placed (outlets). And you can never place one where you need it most — your toilet! The one spot where you can easily leave a huge, wet mess.

Luckily, this light, with the help of its human motion-activated sensor, softly illuminates the inside of your toilet bowl whenever you go near it. And turns back off the moment you leave. Powered by just 3 AAA batteries, and easily clipped onto the side of almost any toilet, everyone can turn their bathroom into a mystical one.

And if you ever have guests over, you won’t believe the looks on their face when they see this thing… Pure astonishment ?

Get it now at Bestbuy Gadget Store.


#2: Mini Car DVR Dash Camera (Full HD 1080P)

The Mini Car DVR Dash Camera is the ultimate personal security camera for your car. It attaches easily and automatically records both audio and video of everything that happens on your car journey. Great for recording road trips or accidents.

There are many Dash Cams out there, but this one cannot be beaten on value for money. It works like a charm, records in high definition and costs less than $50 bucks.

Get it now while stocks last!



#1: Luxury Windproof Reverse Folding Umbrella

At last, some innovation for the classic (and imperfect) umbrella design!

This unique and revolutionary reverse design stops you and your floors from getting wet, even after you’re out of the rain! No more messy drips all over the house or car.

Made from high quality aluminum, water repellent-coating, and a double layer canopy, this really is the best umbrella money can buy. More details and how to buy here.


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