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Internet-Connected Device Could Keep Home-Bound Pets Happy


Good news for all pet owners who go off to work each morning worrying that their buddy will be bored and depressed all day long, alone at home. What if you could have animal-lovers giving your beloved pet attention all day long? A new piece of technology, currently being crowd-sourced, could solve all of your problems!

The “iPet Companion” basically is an Internet-connected, interactive station/camera designed for pet-owners’ homes. Online, viewers can watch streaming video of house-bound pets and interact with them, moving the camera, and remotely wiggling an integrated toy around. Presented on Kickstarter, an online crowd-funding platform, on Friday, the company behind the device hopes to raise $150,000 in capital. The first 50 people to donate $149 or more will get their own device. The final product will come with an additional monthly fee of $2.95, because iPet hosts the web service that allows you to stream video of your pet. Thus far, the reaction seems to be positive, with the product already having raised $15,000.

While designed with cats in mind, the device could entertain dogs as well. Scott Harris, iPet Companion’s founder, explained that the device is one kind of product that could bring the “Internet of things” into more homes. The device’s concept does not only pertain to pets. The adapter that connects the iPet device to the electrical outlet in one’s home, which also makes the device internet interactive, could be used for any device that one would want to be able to activate remotely. The idea of a “connected” outlet isn’t new; companies like D-Link make WiFi-connected plugs that can be used to remotely turn devices on and off. “Our whole goal, our whole purpose is to let anyone control any physical object that they want moved anywhere in the world,” Harris said.

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